Friday, December 2, 2011

Tour and Boat Update 12-02-11

December is here and Silvia is back from Switzerland (Welcome back Siliva)! St Theresa school was out early in the week with a very nice group of kids and teachers.  Silvia, Deena, Mike, Gary, Mary and Lulu led the tours. Mike Waddas came out Thursday to keep moving the pipe project forward. Then today, Hahaione came out with an enthusiastic group. Mike Coad and Sal ran the plankton lab, while Vicki, Sharon and Silvia covered the algae lab. Coming up this weekend Chris, Silvia and Christina will host a kayak club.

ESPN was also out this  morning. I was touring them around for a 30 second "My UH" spot to air with the game tomorrow. Look for it!

Keep an eye on the calendar. We just added a tour Dec 27 and a possible tour next week on Friday. I expect that, although we will try and keep the tours very light over the Holidays (Sal and I will be spending time with our families), there will be some small tours crop up.

Come January, we will start to get ready for the spring push. I added more months to the CALENDAR, so check it out.

And don't forget to check the newest blog entry: "Is that coral sick?"

Have a great weekend.



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