Friday, May 18, 2012

HIMB On The Radio!

Carlie Wiener, our new COSEE  (Centers For Ocean Science Education Excellence) program coordinator, did a wonderful radio broadcast on Wednesday. Her guest included HIMB's  Dr. Brian Bowen talking about diving in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, with comments on the coral mansions of Rapture Reef and more. Dr. Marc Lammers who heads up much of our EAR (Ecological Acoustic Recorder) work plays some other worldly sounds that you just can't believe came from an ocean animal. Then she interviews two HIMB graduate student winners of recent symposium awards, Nyssa Silbiger talks abut the growth rates versus erosion rates of our reefs,   followed by Johnathan Whitney, who talks about speciation in action - right now - in a fish that many of us know right here in Hawaii - the arceye hawkfish.  Finally, Carlie talks with Brenda Asuncion about the Hanalei Watershed Moon Calendar - very cool.

 I missed the original broadcast, but really it is much better on podcast. Download it from here: and listen at your leasure. This is a wonderful learning event.



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