Friday, May 18, 2012

Story Telling Updates

Some upcoming opportunties for enrichment!

‘Tell Well’ INCUBATOR Storytelling Class with JEFF GERE

Event ID: P12160 * Jun 19-Jul 10 • 4 Tues classes • 6:30-9:30pm • $100  My 3rd annual public storytelling course. I learn lots, get really excited about telling, and I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve! Read write-up via link.

TALK STORY CAMP July 20-22 at Kualoa Park!      Visit   (just started working on site) or write Yes, we’re doing it again! Those who came last year demanded it! More to come, but to get you excited (please put it on the calendar), Storytelling Talents include: Lyn Ford (Ohio)   African-Amer. & ghost tales; Gene Tagaban (  Northwest Raven tales; Linda Yamamoto (SF,  ; Naturalist/nature tale specialist, Lopaka  historian, kumu hula, local ghostlore Jeff Gere  hosts & presents. Millicent  troubadour/ musical storyteller.

You know you want to come!

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