Friday, June 6, 2014

Why do science? Excerpts from student Thank You's to HIMB

Dear Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology,

"...Some of the animals we learned about, such as the sailor's eyeball and the conspicuous sea cucumber, I had never heard of or seen before. It was funny, because when I was pulling out a big clump of seaweed from the bucket to look through for sea creatures, a tiny white crab went scuttling up my arm. I almost shrieked, but it was fun. It was so funny afterwards that we were all laughing really hard." (4th grade student)

And a few other quotes:

"... I had a very fun time doing all the activities, but if I  had to pick a favorite then it would be surveying the reef. I love the ocean and one day I hope to be a marine biologist and this trip really inspired me to follow my dream."

 "I really thought it was going to be boring, but it was so fun, there are many plankton such as zooplankton, phytoplankon ...."

"... Thanks again for giving me an unforgettable experience and lots of knowledge that will last me a life time!"

"It was really cool doing the night plankton lab....Your Lanai Suites are very nice and your sink water tastes like Dasani. Very delicious."

"Please thank the volunteers for all their help and for making our trip as wonderful as possible."

"It was so fun when we did science."

"Thank you for letting us stay at coconut island... I miss you guys and the view of the island."

When groups come to the island, they encounter our wonderful volunteers, grad students, researchers and HIMB staff. All of us help make these positive impressions for the kids, but - they also remind us of why we are here - because of the quest for knowledge, to make our world a better place, to be in a place with good people, to make a difference and once in a while, to laugh and have fun.



File shell  from the invasive seaweed lab. Image HIMB

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