Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SOEST Open House at UH Mānoa


Another successful Open House here in beautiful Hawai’i Nei.

 This year the Community Education Program had a very popular interactive booth with a splash pool with the theme – “Cool the Oceans!” Our table focused on how climate change is warming the oceans, how HIMB research is helping find solutions, and how the students have 5 simple ways they can help make a difference in the coming years. Once a group went through our questions and answers one brave volunteer would get to sit the SPLASH SEAT while others pulled a cord and poured cold water on their head, draining down to cool the blue ocean pool!

The 5 R’s!
1. Refuse
2. Reduce
3. Reuse
4. Recycle
     and our newly added category for HIMB

It is estimated that we are able to reach over 600 students over the two days. One student was so excited, he brought his mom back on Saturday to visit us again. Thanks to Leon, Mike C., Brenda, Joyce, Sherine, as well as our newest member Kyla for helping out!


Mahalo Nui,


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